Cardano (ADA)

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  • Block increase by 10% (8kb) to 88kb, speeding up transactions and DApp performance [Apr 2022]
  • The official community monitoring page of the Cardano blockchain network has just announced that active wallets of its native token ADA have crossed two million unique addresses. [Nov 2021]


  • Cardano: A New Generation in Smart Contract Platform Design
    • Published by the Kraken platform in February 2022
    • In this report, the Kraken Intelligence team takes a deep dive into Cardano and its unique design, including its PoS-based Ouroboros protocol and Extended Unspent Transaction Output (EUTXO) accounting model.
    • Further the team recaps recent developments, takes a look into on-chain activity, and gives insight into whatโ€™s expected for the future of Cardano.