DeFi Wallet


The DeFi Wallet puts you in control of your money, data, and security. You hold your own private keys to your assets.

DeFi Wallet is separate from the Crypto.‌com App Wallet, but you can connect them.

  1. tap “Connect to Crypto.‌com App” on the Welcome page of the DeFi Wallet.
  2. Then, accept the terms and enter the email associated with your App account.
  3. Next, check your inbox for the authorisation email and tap “Connect.”
  4. Finally, enter your passcode and tap “Authorise.”

Connecting your App account and DeFi Wallet allows more seamless, safe, and fast transfers of assets.


  • Store NFTs
  • Bridge tokens
    • You can bridge tokens across different blockchains with the Cronos Bridge using your DeFi Wallet. The bridge currently supports CRO transfers between the Chain and Cronos, and ATOM transfers between Cosmos and Cronos.
  • Multi-chain management
    • The DeFi Wallet supports more than 700 crypto assets on a variety of networks, including Ethereum, Cronos, Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Usage Notes

Staking CRO

One can stake the CRO token via the DeFi Wallet.


  • no minimum stake requirement for CRO
  • The DeFi Wallet App supports the option to choose among whitelisted validators for staking and redelegation (change delegation from existing validator to another validator)

Unstaking CRO (28-day unbonding period)


  • Unstaking CRO need to undergo a 28-day unbonding period as enforced by the Chain. This is to protect against a Validator attacking the Chain and then immediately withdrawing the stake amount.
  • During this unbonding period, any unbonding balance will not accrue any block rewards, which should be taken into consideration when comparing against the returns of staking via App or Exchange.