Singapore Landscape

Singapore is a global financial center, with clear and strict regulations. There are few countries in the world where financial service providers are regulated as well as in Singapore.

Singapore’s Accolades


Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index Singapore

The Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) is an annual survey of over 1,500 Singapore residents by Toluna, an independent consumer insights provider. It is a cross-sectional and unbiased sample of everyday Singapore residents and is designed to represent the nation as a whole, including all genders, age-groups and backgrounds.

  • 40% of Singapore residents own crypto.
  • More than 50% of the crypto owners invested in crypto because of recommendations from family and friends.
  • 82% of crypto owners reported that they either made money or broke even.

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The State of Crypto in Singapore (2021)

Gemini has published a whitepaper based on a joint study of over 4,000 respondents (from June 29 to July 9 2021, and included 2,862 respondents that identified as current crypto holders and 1,486 respondents that identified as non-crypto holders).

Quick facts:

  • Average age of current crypto-holders: 29 years old
  • Proportion of non-crypto holders that are likely to start investing in crypto in the next 12 months: 34%
  • Proportion of crypto-holders whose investments were spurred by COVID-19: 67%
  • Proportion of female crypto-holders: 19%
  • Across the various cryptos, ether is the most popular among crypto holders (78%), followed by bitcoin (69%) and Cardano (40%).

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