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There is an official Facebook group: Singapore Community which uses to communicate latest news and users in Singapore can use to share experiences and ask questions.

Over time, useful information gets buried under new posts and questions get repeated every now and then.

This article lists down some of the most frequently asked questions and quirks faced by fellow users of and serve as an alternative resource.

Note: original text may have been edited for clarity.


Failed remittance of funds from DBS to


Withdrawal of funds to Fiat


Buying crypto using the Visa Card



  • I doubt it, even if you could, you wouldn’t be entitled to cashback because of their MCC
  • A few others have tried their CDC Visa Card to buy crypto on various platforms/exchanges but they’ve all reported unable to even transact let alone get cashback

Overcharged for ComfortDelgro taxi ride



  • The final amount will be reflected by end of the day / tomorrow from what i noticed
  • I had the same issue. They will usually charge the highest amount, then after a day or so, it will change to reflect the correct amount

Procedure for FREE Spotify subscription



  • As per chat support, Spotify must be own account same email as used in Crypto. Pay first with other cards and inform chat support for reimbursement.
  • any idea if reimbursement applies to Premium Individual plan only or Premium Family plan also can get reimbursed?
    • either as limit is usd13.99
  • you cannot use CDC visa to pay for Spotify payment due to SG KYC users cannot make transactions to foreign payment gateway temporary. The submission for reimbursement is a once off. I think the lead time to process is like 4 weeks due to backlog.
  • You do not need to submit the Spotify receipt on a monthly basis until CDC card issuer sort out the MAS restriction. Once ur 1st reimbursement is completed, you will auto get reimbursement from following month. This is what’s happening for my account.
  • they only ask for Spotify receipt which u can get from your Spotify account. Best to check with the CS what else is needed as their process may have changed…

Tapping errors when trying to use on public transport


  • Facebook group post [24 Feb 2022]

    “I’ve having some issues with my ruby card lately. Been using it for public transport but when I tried to tap always got error. Anyone having the same issues as well? If you asking whether got funds in the card, there is.”

  • Facebook group post [4 Feb 2022]

    “Have anyone tried using your card for public transport? If so, have anyone encounter any card failed issues? I have tried on multiple buses, sometimes it just get thru but at times the card just won’t response when I tap it on the reader. Have already connected the support chat and they told me that my card is okay. Can’t seems to be the bus reader problem as I had tried it on multiple buses. Some okay, some just won’t respond or having the card failed.”

  • Facebook group post [12 Jan 2022]

    “The card doesn’t work well with Simplygo system? Double charged for the same fare and yet it’s still not finalized on their system. Also clocked my entry for the station but at the exit gantry it didn’t capture; SMRT staff told me it didn’t show my entry.”


  • Likely due to your card being blacklisted - this happens when previous days’ transactions have not been cleared by TransitLink. Would highly recommend downloading the SimplyGo App to track if your transactions have been cleared (green fares = cleared; grey fares = pending).
  • For a more foolproof travel experience, use an ezlink card and top up with your CDC Visa Card (via ezlink app only)

Unable to add Visa Card to Netflix account billed in other currencies


  • Facebook group post [23 Feb 2022]

    “I couldn’t add it to my existing Netflix account (which I had since 2016). Tried signing up for new account also no luck!” Customer service from both companies had been less than helpful._


  • You will need to pay for Netflix via their Singapore version of the page and in SGD as the card cannot be used to make payment with international merchants at the moment.
  • basically need to stop your Netflix account until the next billing cycle. Then you restart the account, add in the CDC credit card. This was advised by the Netflix customer support officer as my account was set up in Australia.
  • This was what I did:
    • Cancel membership in USD Netflix account
    • Wait till the billing date and then login on that day
    • Sign up again, this is where I believe you need to update your address to a SG address, which in turn, switches your account to a SGD Netflix account
    • Add Visa card details, and it should work fine. No need to change email address.

Value comparison of Grab points vs cashback CROs vs Krisflyer miles?



  • CRO can grow…the others can’t
  • Many people value miles at 1.5 cents. Depending on your cards (CDC and credit cards), you can calculate how this compares.
  • grab platinum is 1.2% cashback when converted into cash item (using $5 vouchers for calculation purpose)

How does the staking of $500 and $5000 of CRO works for the CRO card? If the $500 CRO crashes, do I have to top-up more CRO to maintain the card?

View: Facebook group post [12 Feb 2022]


  • Only at the time of stake , the correct value of cro is needed.
  • Assuming u stake 500/5000 sgd now at 180 days lock up.
    • After 180 days, if the stake is now worth 400/4000
      • U can unstake and re-stake back to 500/5000 but 180 days lock up again
      • Keep the existing stake and don’t unstake. Benefits will still apply on
    • After 180 days, if the stake is now worth 600/6000
      • You can unstake and re-stake back to 500/5000 but 180 days lock up again. Taking out the “profits” and do what u want with it

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