Cake DeFi Suspends All dBTC Transactions

Atomic Swap Exploit

[13 Jan 2022] Update: With the acceptance of DeFiChain’s latest improvement proposal DFIP 2201-A, Cake DeFi has opened up all dBTC and BTC related channels on their platform. All services on Cake DeFi are now working as normal.

I received an email today that Cake Defi would be temporarily suspending all dBTC transactions.


“All dBTC transactions have been temporarily disabled due to blockchain maintenance on DeFiChain. This includes all dBTC deposits/withdrawals, swaps, and Liquidity Mining. Transactions will recommence in due course once the maintenance work has been completed.”

“At present, we are unable to share when the service will be reinstated, and have no influence on this as Cake DeFi and DeFiChain are two separate entities.”

“All other services on Cake DeFi are working as normal."

This is related to the exploit in the ‘Atomic Swap’ feature on DeFiChain, discovered in early January 2022, which has resulted in a hack where dBTCs not backed by BTC collaterals were created.

The exploit is on DefiChain blockchain, which is an open-sourced community project, but impacts Cake DeFi which operates on the DeFiChain blockchain.



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