My 1-Month Term Crypto Earn Deposit of USDC Is Complete!

Just received an email notification that my 1-month term deposit of USDC at App is completed.

For those unfamiliar with this product, the concept is similar to ‘fixed deposits’ at banks. You basically entrust your crypto assets with for a fixed period, and receive the principal plus interest at the end of the term.

Tip: Users who stake CRO and achieve ‘Jade Green/Royal Indigo’ and above tiers, will enjoy a better interest rate.

Learn more from’s blog piece on ‘Crypto Earn’ Earn term deposit complete

I earned 6.73 USDC for my deposit of 1000 USDC. This works out to 0.0673% for the one month. Rather impressive compared to the low bank interest rates.


Started investing in crypto towards the end of 2020.