Tokenize Crypto Earn 11.11 Special Promotion: 111% Annual Yield for TKX

minimum staking of 100 TKX required

[12 Nov 2021] Clarification: the campaign is only 1 day (11 Nov 2021). The special interest rates are from 11th November, 2021 to 11th January, 2022.

[12 Jan 2022] Two months have since passed and I have just received 115.55823408 TKX back, giving me returns of ~15.558 TKX. The price of TKX has fallen from ~$11.60 to ~$7.70 though, which means I am firmly in negative territory. Would continue to HODL and stake for now and see if the price recovers.

Campaign period: 11 Nov 2021 only.

Special interest rates period: 11th November, 2021 to 11th January, 2022.

TKX staking promotion. 111% annual yield
Screenshot from my Tokenize Xchange dashboard on 11 Nov 2021

Tokenize is offering a special ‘Crypto Earn’ promotion rate for staking Tokenize Emblem (TKX). Get 111% annual yield when you stake at least 100 TKX. Promotional rate is for two months.

By my crude calculations:

  • 111% / 12 months = 9.25% per month.
  • So for two months: 9.25% x 2 = 18.5%

If my understanding and calculations are correct, I will be receiving ~18.5% of my staked value after two months, which sounds like a really great deal!

Since I did not have 100 TKX in my account, I proceeded to buy TKX from the market to reach the minimum 100 TKX required.

Staking 100 TKX
Me staking 100 TKX on 11 Nov 2021

Risk analysis:

  • TKX is currently very near to it’s all time high price ($12.04 on 9 Nov 2021).
  • Crypto market is very hot at the moment.
  • Should there be a major price correction in TKX within the next two months, I might be taking a loss even with the staking interest factored in.

Started investing in crypto towards the end of 2020.