ZLaunch Has Officially Launched

Buy and Lock ZMT, Earn New Token Rewards Today!

ZLaunch is Zipmex’s latest product that connects Zipsters to new token projects, giving you the opportunity to use your ZMT to earn new token rewards. Yieldly (YLDY) is the first token project featured on ZLaunch! 🤑

How to start earning token rewards on ZLaunch?

  1. Buy ZMT on Zipmex exchange
  2. Transfer your ZMT from Trade Wallet to Z Wallet
  3. Lock ZMT in the token project pool to start earning token rewards every hour

A short video we made to demonstrate how to lock your ZMTs in ZLaunch:

Tips & Tricks

  1. You only need 1 ZMT to participate in a ZLaunch project pool
  2. Flexible participation, you can lock and unlock ZMT during the earning phase

ZLaunch YLDY Project Details

ZLaunch Yieldly Project Details

About Yieldly (YLDY)

Yieldly is the world’s first and largest DeFi protocol built on Algorand as well as the first fully integrated Algorand launchpad.

Learn more:


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