Republic started with the mission to give everyone access to the exciting world of startups.

Republic empowers startups to fundraise and market their business at the same time. Explore how to raise funds with Republic.

Investments are risky, illiquid and may result in total loss of capital. Learn more.


Invest in the future you believe in

Angel investing was previously available to only the wealthiest 3% of the US population. With Republic, everyone can invest in private startups for a chance to earn a return.

Republic brings access to highly-vetted investment opportunities in startups, real estate, video games, and crypto.

I have not invested in any of the business startups as it is not clear to me how international investors not based in the USA would be able to cash out in future.

I did invest in a Singapore based crypto ICO project called ParaState in 2022.

Key Metrics

  • 700+ million invested since 2016 [Feb 2022]
  • 1.5+ million members [Feb 2022]
  • 600+ deals done [Feb 2022]
  • 90%+ success rate since 2016

Major Developments

  • launched the Republic Wallet [Aug 2023]
    • proprietary, self-custodial wallet built to provide customers with a more seamless investing experience on Republic.
  • Republic is officially expanding its business operations to Asia as Republic Asia [Apr 2022]
    • Seoul office is up and running, with further expansion planned in Singapore and eventually, across Southeast Asia.
    • “Our mission is to build the most comprehensive investment platform in Asia that offers diverse investment opportunities for anyone and everyone.”