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About Project

Very, Very Simple DeFi Trading for All. Your gateway to the decentralized finance movement.

  • VVS Finance is the “First Farm Built On The Cronos Blockchain”


Initial Gem Offering (IGO)

IGO is an opportunity to purchase a brand new token at a fixed price launching on Cronos. Info page:

Personal Experience

Cannot remember when I got started but definitely not earning any profits as of January 2022. Creating this page to better keep track of the portfolio.

Wallet Used

DeFi Wallet by Crypto.com.

Portfolio Snapshots

Glitter Mines: Auto VVS

Any funds staked in this pool will be automatically harvested and restaked (compunded) yielding a higher ROI. A convenience and performance fee is charged for this. Performance fee is 2%.

Despite continually receiving VVS tokens as rewards, my portfolio value is trending downwards as the rewards cannot offset the price decline of the VVS token.

DateAPY (%)VVS Staked (Auto Compound)VVS PriceVVS Market CapPortfolio Value
10 Jan 2022200.231,096,704$0.0000395$90,467,458US$43.76
4 Mar 202266.291,218,997$0.00002808$64,300,639US$34.15
14 Aug 20229.761,317,966$0.00000810$189,181,600US$10.69
Decided to take my losses by August 2022 to stop the bleeding. VVS Finance came out with xVVS but I am not interested to learn how it works due to my poor experience so far.

Usage Notes and Tips

If one is starting small and experimenting, it will not be worth spending network fees to harvest small amounts of VVS rewards.

Possible approaches:

  • Glitter Mines: it will make more sense to use the “Auto VVS” mine
  • Crystal Farms: for liquidity farming, one can consider using a yield optimizer like Beefy Finance.