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Receive 1% of the transaction fee generated by your own account, when you start using MojitoSwap with the referral ID: 92C53532 or referral link.


  • The commission rebates will be available to be claimed for up to 7 days. The system will automatically take back any unclaimed commission after 7 days.

Terms and Conditions apply.

About Project

Win in DeFi, Cheers with Mojito.

MojitoSwap is the first community initiated and driven decentralized exchange on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), and will gradually become community owned through DAO.

MojitoSwap officially launched in October 2021 and successively launched functions such as trading, farming, pools, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), a launchpad and more. In a short period of time, it achieved number-one in total value locked and user rankings on KCC.


KCC Unicorn Awards
  • KCC Unicorn Contest Grand Prize Winner [May 2022]
    • $300,000 prize awarded
  • KCC Unicorn Contest ‘Most Promising Development Award’ Winner [May 2022]
    • $20,000 prize awarded

KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)

Built by the fans of KCS and KuCoin’s fan communities, KCC is a decentralized public chain with EVM compatible and high performance. Its purpose is to solve the problems such as low performance and high cost of public chain, to provide community users with faster, more convenient and low-cost experience.

Notable Events

  • Launch of BAR V2 [22 Apr 2022]
    • contains new form of liquidity mining called ‘Dual Mining’, which provides two token rewards.
  • KuCoin Labs announced a strategic investment to MojitoSwap, the first DEX on the KCC chain [Mar 2022]
    • This is KuCoin Labs' first round of investment in MojitoSwap
    • first time that KuCoin Labs directly invested in the KCC ecological native project.
    • investment from KuCoin Labs will better assist MojitoSwap in improving its products, operations, branding, and liquidity
MojitoSwap in KuCoin Labs portfolio [Mar 2022]
MojitoSwap in KuCoin Labs portfolio [Mar 2022]

Security & Audit Report

Contract was audited by PeckShield


Mojito (MJT) Token

MJT, the MojitoSwap platform currency, officially launched on KuCoin on February 11, 2022.


The total supply of MJT is 100,000,000. View the details on tokenomics.


  • According to MJT’s tokenomics, 60% of the trading fee generated is used as a reward for LP holders, 26.67% is used to buyback and burn MJT, and 13.33% is moved to the treasury.
  • 20% reduction on mining rewards every 180 days.

Token burning history [May 2022]: MojitoSwap Begins the 4th Buyback of MJT To Celebrate KuCoin’s Completion of the Pre-Series B Funding


The exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows two tokens to be exchanged on the KCC.


There are various ways to earn with MJT which are:

  1. Earning $MJT with yield farms & Staking.
  2. Earning $MJT with Swap.
  3. Earning more tokens with Mojito pools.


The Mojito Finance NFT allows MJT holders to win more fun collections when played.

Usage Notes

BAR rewards auto-harvested and go into wallet balance upon adding/removing liquidity

When you add/remove liquidity into a BAR liquidity pool, any unharvested rewards will be auto-harvested and returned into your wallet balance.

I didn’t know about this initially and was worried that I had lost the rewards because they reset back to zero whenever I add liquidity to a pool.

Connecting wallet to MojitoSwap

On/off ramp crypto assets from KuCoin

I use KuCoin to on/off ramp my crypto assets to MojitoSwap.