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Founded in 2011, Bitstamp was registered in the UK in 2013, and to Luxembourg three years later. They are currently present in over 100 countries, with offices in UK, Luxembourg, USA, Singapore, and Slovenia.

Bitstamp operates under a payment institution license in the EU, BitLicense in New York, and undergo regular audits by the Big Four, the four largest accounting firms in the world.


Key metrics

  • 5+ million customers [Apr 2023]
  • Global team of around 400 people

Notable developments

Presence in Singapore

  • Entity: Bitstamp Asia Pte. Ltd. (UEN: 202016687K)
  • Location: 50 Raffles Place #30-00 Singapore Land Tower 048623
  • Member of Singapore Fintech Association

“Our ambition is to expand our business and brand in APAC, and we are looking for innovative, ambitious and passionate people to be part of this story in Singapore”.

New job openings in Singapore [Mar 2022]:

Regulatory compliance

As of April 2023, Bitstamp claims to hold 51 licenses and registrations around the globe and counting. 

29% of our employees work in compliance, regulatory, legal, security, risk management or internal audit functions to protect you and your funds.

Regulation by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Currently exempted from holding a licence under the transitional arrangements in the Payment Services (PS) Act.

Other regions

Might be an incomplete list:

  • Spain: Spain’s central bank added Bitstamp to its list of virtual exchange providers [Nov 2022]
    • inclusion means Bitstamp must uphold a professional reputation and comply with procedures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing
    • it does not entail the supervision of the exchange provider
    • The Bank of Spain has 46 exchange providers registered on its list.


Latest technologies and industry best practices safeguard users' funds and information, underpinned by two important security certifications:

  • SOC2 Type 2
  • ISO/IEC 27001

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Shared by Bitstamp in April 2023, all customers’ and institutional clients’ funds are: 

  • Always safe and held separately from corporate funds.  
  • Held 1:1 in custody or in bank accounts, with market-leading crime insurance.
  • Never lent out or otherwise repurposed without customers’ instruction. 

Blog article of interest: What does a safe exchange look like?


Access to platform

Bitstamp Earn

Bitstamp Earn utilizes your crypto assets and puts them to work for you.

How does it work?

Your assets verify and validate the blocks on the blockchain, and in return you receive rewards. Some cryptocurrencies are locked on the blockchain for a set period of time, while others have no locking period. These depend on the cryptocurrencies themselves.

Learn Center

Learn Center offers articles, videos, and how-to guides to help crypto enthusiasts get up to speed on all things crypto and blockchain.

Here is a primer on the cryptocurrency landscape: “Crypto Categories Unveiled”, published by Bitstamp.

As of the launch date in September 2022, there are already over 100 articles across 7 categories covering a wide range of crypto, blockchain and Web3 topics.


No Bitstamp account is required to access Learn Center contents, so do pay a visit to learn more about crypto related topics.

✔️ Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Funds Protection

Bitstamp discloses that it stores 98% of assets safely offline, provide protection through BitGo’s insurance policy, and offer additional crime insurance for online wallets.

Low trading fees

We’re the only crypto exchange to offer 0% trading fee across all coins.

Enjoy 0% trading fee for total trading volume of up to US$1,000 (or equivalent) over the previous 30-day rolling period.